My name is Mariela Saad El Homsi, I am Lebanese-Venezuelan, I was born in Caracas and in 2015 I moved to the United States. I am a lawyer by profession specialized in Private International Law, I have a master's degree in French Literature, I speak five languages ​​and I am a person with a deep humanistic character.

Since I was young, I have always been surrounded by a world rich in art and culture, dedicating much of my time to studying art and its different movements as well as looking for different ways to deepen my knowledge and to actively get involved in activities and initiatives in favor of the art and culture.

In 2014, on one of my family trips to France, I visited the commune of Mougins in the Alps-Maritimes region, one of the places where Picasso lived. The atmosphere of the small town captivated me, but I was especially in love with the small and exclusive galleries ready to receive the curious eye of their visitors.

After the visit to Mougins, a week in Paris awaited us with an interesting agenda: fashion week and a visit to the atelier of the great Master Carlos Cruz-Diez. During the car trip I couldn't get a dream out of my mind, to have my own gallery, small and cozy like those in that beautiful town.

The day of the visit to the atelier of maestro Cruz-Diez came quickly, and it was a beautiful and enriching experience that served as a catalyst to turn that dream of founding my own gallery into a reality… and it happened!

Back in Venezuela, I began to structure State of The Art, a company dedicated to the sale and promotion of art. State of The Art was officially born in 2015 and since then I have been committed to the management of this company that serves artists, institutions and individuals by offering advisory, promotion and development services in the artistic and cultural field.

In 2020, State of The Art was restructured and today it has a new website that offers easier and more attractive navigation to our users, as well as a team of allies that guarantee a diversified offer of services related to the world of art and culture.

As the founder of State of The Art I am committed to offering our users and partners an unforgettable experience through honest communication and the development of a respectful, cordial and trusting relationship.

Thank you very much for visiting State of The Art, I hope you enjoy your walk through this website and that you feel the same thing that I felt on that trip to Mougins.