“ We are passionate about art, and we count on our advisors, critics, journalists, and experts in the ins and outs of the art world, to offer to our audience valuable and innovating artistic choices. "

A note from the editor:

The international and local fairs, the intense activity of art galleries, as well as the presence of art collectors and art dealers from all over the world, have transformed Miami into the new capital of art.

For this reason, our initiative to create State of the Art Gallery and Magazine, appears at the right time, to promote artists and their works in a bull market, and to inform our audience about exhibitions, fairs and events related to the art world. Always providing a critical sense, so as to help the reader to decipher the discourse of contemporary art and its trends.

We are passionate about art, and we count on our advisors, critics, journalists, and experts in the ins and outs of the art world, to offer to our audience valuable and innovating artistic choices.

Mariela Saad-Delgado

Executive Director



Mission Statement:

State of The Art Gallery and Magazine is a contemporary art gallery that proudly features and promotes an exquisite selection of: sculptures, paintings, photography and mixed media pieces from international artists.

Our mission is to provide a quality art experience for serious collectors and first-time buyers, and  support safe art sales.

We proudly support The Laurita Spina Bifida Project:

The Laurita Spina Bifida Project, Inc. envisions a world in which all people who are affected by spina bifida, be it an individual with spina bifida, a parent, child, sibling, or caregiver, or supporter of the spina bifida community, can engage and interact openly with others in the community and connect based on their shared hope for increased awareness.


Edgar Cherubini-Lecuna

Edgar Cherubini-Lecuna


Award-winning journalist and writer. 

His articles have been published internationally and he contributes regularly to several newspapers and magazines.

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