Denis Correia Venezuelan, b. 1980/Aug 30

Denis Correia is a Venezuelan passionate about the arts. Residing in Mexico City since 2016, he works in the advertising industry as Production and Creative Manager for Rockanfella Creative Studio México-Miami. He studied a Bachelor of Arts, minor in Cinema at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). For the last twenty years, he has dedicated himself to his creative nature in the area of audiovisual production as a producer, creative, screenwriter and filmmaker. The audiovisual production route has led him to travel down other paths in which he has found different ways of communicating his aesthetic discourse through photography, video and painting, thus consolidating a body of works. In these spaces of creativity, the artist has found a voice of his own and an awareness as Denis states "Sharing the creative process is a powerful way of making my work evolve." Since 2016, photography has been gaining importance as a form of expression and reflection in a process that responds to the quest for a greater creative freedom. Denis takes color and black and white photographs; using sweeps, double exposures and blurs as techniques to present his subject. He takes his photographs using 35mm digital and analog cameras, as well as Polaroid snapshots. “The characters that I create are world forgers. They are terrible beings, who can also be excessive. Movement and color are usually the way in which the camera captures its powers and its acts. Thus, we see them build their own universes. In the image their mystical universe appears but we can only understand them in a fragmentary way through certain events. There, the realities they create can be perceived timelessly. And we can say: I know this place, I belong to it ”.