Jacobo Alonso Mexican, b. 1984

Jacobo Alonso’s work is about self-recognition in body-object duality as a temporary state. This recognition happens when the body relates with the world.
He considers that our physical representation is an unstable material structure. 

This latent corporal entity is mutable; it can take any form. However, we keep its shape because it denotes identity. How we relate to our body — how we perceive it and how we feel it — directly affects how we appreciate other objects. We are like sponges, and sometimes we absorb so much until our size increases, and we forget our original shape.

Talking about what we feel can be difficult, but sometimes we feel things so strongly that we cannot think about anything else but our bodies.

Jacobo's works with different midium to explore identity and the body-object duality as a temporary state:



The fluctuating term, said of a body or an object, is that which goes from side to side with undulating movements, which grows and decreases at the same time. Said of an idea, it is the behavior or resolution that hesitates, that changes. In my project the concept comes to mind in these two meanings, in the sculptural object the body anatomical fluctuation is represented with trembling waves that produce displacements and reconfigure the shape that identifies the body; In the idea, I work with concepts that can only be explained with the body, for example the transfiguration of the weightless or moving anatomy. I work with the idea of ​​the body as an object in constant change, whose figurative representation can be as dissimilar as its linguistic enunciation.Hold



This series of work refers to the concept of intercorporeity as the possibility of exchanging parts or pieces between human beings, in the clinical spectrum this is possible thanks to the new biomedical technologies. In the creative, these exchanges produce another reading, with its different forms of formal concretion, links between the possible processes of constitution of a body and its close relationship with the transformations or transmutations as an object can be created. Once understood as an “object entity” and referring to the concept of body-object, various ideological positions can diversify the reading of the work, according to the different artistic appropriations that make the representation possible. In this case, the radiographs are the vehicle that carries meaning that reconfigures the body without the flesh and without the way we think of it, but that is still a concept that is susceptible to intercoporeity.

The modules are a formal synthessis of different bone cells. The color of the radiographs varies depending on whether the plaque is expired, bad taken or veiled at the time of exposure. Modules of X-rays recovered in laser cut assembled by hand.



An interstitium is the small space between two bodies or between two parts of the same body, the present project speaks of the fragment of an entity, exploring the idea of ​​a constantly changing corporeal state, In production there is a codified language that originally it constitutes images or figurations and that now abstracts the form over the printed content; it is constructed with empty spaces that are apparently illegible but that are perceived and reconstructed by the interstices that define their absence.


Bachelor of Fine arts at the University of Baja California, Mexico, From 2014-2015 studied at the University of Rennes 2, France.

Currently working as professor at National Autonomous University of Mexico campus Morelia. Young Creators Grant, Sculpture, National Fund for Culture and Arts, FONCA 2016 - 2017.

Recently he made a residence at the Gallery Building Bridges Art  Exchange, in Los Angeles CA. USA and in 2015 another at ARTELES Creative Center, Haukijärvi, Finland.

He has participated in different exhibitions in Mexico, Finland, The United States, England, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, France, Poland, Spain and Germany. 

His work has been show in the International Triennial of Tapestry in Lodz, Poland 2019, the Contemporary Textile Art Biennial CONTEXTILE in Portugal 2018 and in Los Angeles Art Show Fair 2018. His work is part of the International Collection Bugatti - Segantini, Italy. And LUMEN Collection, Mexico. He lives and works in Michoacan, Mexico. Mexico.