Jacobo Alonso Mexican, b. 1984

The central axis of my production is the body-object. My main interest is the opacity and versatility of the concept of the body and the movements it has in the different disciplines that study or analyze it.

Jacobo Alonso’s work is about self-recognition in body-object duality as a temporary state. This recognition happens when the body relates with the world.
He considers that our physical representation is an unstable material structure. This latent corporal entity is mutable; it can take any form. However, we keep its shape because it denotes identity. How we relate to our body — how we perceive it and how we feel it — directly affects how we appreciate other objects. We are like sponges, and sometimes we absorb so much until our size increases, and we forget our original shape.
Talking about what we feel can be difficult, but sometimes we feel things so strongly that we cannot think about anything else but our bodies.





Article title: Jacobo Alonso - Periferia 

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