Trong Gia Nguyen American/Vietnamese

"My work is concerned with structures of power as they relate to the process of looking at art. It's a wrestling match in which the viewer can never win."  *



We are a society that seeks easy answers. Art isn’t about easy or obvious answers. It’s asking probing questions without succumbing to what the mainstream art market prescribes. Seek and you shall find – just don’t go wading in shallow waters hoping to find depth. 


Regularly employing humor while at other times engaging sober reflection, Trong Gia Nguyen’s work elevates the condition of doubt as it reveals and disrupts the undercarriage of our most trusted spaces –domestic, cultural, political, and economical. His wide array of works examines structures of power in their myriad forms, as he has produced everything from iPhone applications (Metaphysical GPS) to installation, film, painting, sculpture, performances, and web-based actions.