Mär Martinez Arab-American

My work explores structural power dynamics that breed dominance and aggression based on gender, ethnicity, and sexual identity within our society. As an Arab-American woman, my body of work began as first a resistance to culturally-enforced heteronormativity, and has evolved into a dialogue about the exploitative nature of unchecked power imbalances on a greater scale. The culturally enforced binary system of gender constrains self-expression and exacerbates violence. The psycho-sexual struggle for power transcends humans and is fueled by an animalistic drive for control and autonomy.  

MärMartinez is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in sculptural painting. Her work dissects dominance, aggression and power dynamics through the lens of a culturally-enforced binary system. She received a BFA inPainting and a BA in Art History at theUniversity of Central Florida.