Barbara Pecorelli

"I believe that (re)creating beauty brings love and joy."
Making Art has been a way to know me and others. To learn to find balance in what I am and what I can give. I believe that (re)creating beauty brings love and joy. I find it beautiful how Arts affect our growth and worth.
All work reflects our nature, the presence we carry, and how we live through that each day. They are life offerings and to maintain that sense alive in our spaces. 
I use painting, installations, sculptures, and photography; these mediums complement each other in my creative process. Photography is essential as part of research, culture, and inspiration. Sculptures are part of the result of painting and installations. One comes from the other to integrate the space and environment.
"There are no two of the same grass blade"; therefore, all living part of nature is unique. Focusing on seeing differences will only bring separation. But instead, if we know the worth and value of uniqueness, everything will be a brand new experience.

The artwork is to experience in its atmosphere, rather than art pieces to being seen. But what I perceive when I see them is beauty, inspiration, reflection, and nature.

People often say how they're drawn to the artwork and how different it makes them feel the more time they appreciate them.

My goal as an artist is to each day fall even more in love with what I do. If anything you do, you do it with Love; Love is what you'll be. If an art piece of my creation brings love and joy into your life. If it inspires you to keep evolving yourself.

Life inspires me, you, me, and the air that we breathe. From there, anything else is possible.