Claire Van der Schueren Belgian, b. 1976

Claire expresses herself in various artistic fields and creates spaces in which to dream.

Drawing has always been the tool for designing and projecting creations and also for simply paying homage to nature.

As a child, Claire was already drawing oasis plans and building models under the tutelage of her architect brother.
She trained in drawing, ceramics and ironwork.
As a young adult, she discovered gardening, and since then it has been a passion: she has created private gardens, oases and, for example, the "Secret Garden" of the Le Berger hotel in Brussels.

Self-taught, she learns to build structures, huts, terraces, ponds, furniture.
But she is also trained in Feng Shui and geobiology to give more meaning to creations and spaces.

She traveled for four years, backpack, in Asia, only returning to Belgium in the summer; then she lived three years in Portugal in an enchanting estate. These trips were great sources of inspiration. This "light" and very philosophical way of life was a great apprenticeship and forged her in her various talents.

She has also illustrated children's books and a collection of haikus "A little moment of grace", whose illustrations and paintings open a new dimension in her career.
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