Combinatoire C

Varetra – Combinatoire C

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Édition anniversaire 1975/2015

Dimensions: 22 x 12,5 x 12,5

The VARETRA is a lumino-dynamic sculpture in the shape of a parallelepiped in which up to three transparent Plexiglas plates can be inserted in any combination.

Each plate, called a Unitra, is screen printed by hand with a variety of geometric patterns in a fixed range of colors: red, blue, black and white. Small lightbulbs (LEDs in this new release) placed at the bottom of the piece emit either intermittent or continuous light, transposing and anamorphosing the patterns of the Unitras onto the transparent screen on the front.

Spectators can combine one, two, or three Unitras however they wish and change the order as they are inspired. This gives rise to
a colorful spectacle, a symphony of images that come to life in different ways as users press a touch contact on the front of the work.

This anniversary edition of the VARETRA presents three new “combinatoires” of 76 exemplars each, all designed by the artist. According to the will of the artist, this edition was subject to an extensive technical and technological research whose goal was to enhance the participatory and pedagogical experience of the work.

This edition was produced by the Atelier Cruz-Diez’s team, which is today offering its forty years of expertise as a service to other artists.

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