ABOUT "Drawing the city"

"Dibujo de Ciudad" (Drawing of The City) is an educational project created at the Universidad Central de Venezuela by artist and architect Miguel Acosta. One of the main goals of this project is to develop a deeper understanding of the City's history and development by drawing it. In a selected city spot, the artist guides the participants in creating a freehand drawing. 

 "Dibujo de Ciudad" allows us to analyze better and understand the metropolis. The City's beauty is appreciated from a different perspective, while problems and flaws become evident. The drawing process invites the participants to share their points of view, encouraging everyone to reflect on possible solutions and develop new ideas that favor the City and its urbanism. Participants will be immersed in a profound observation of the City through this activity.  

"Dibujo de Ciudad" project was born in 2009; since its conception, artist and architect Miguel Acosta has gathered with enthusiasts in Caracas, New York, Miami, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam. This year, with the support of the State of The Art Collection, "Dibujo de Ciudad" will take place in Winter Park, "City of culture and heritage." Now in partnership with State of The Art Collection, "Dibujo de Ciudad" will expand to new cities and offer more workshops and talks. 



Miguel Acosta is a Venezuelan artist and architect who currently lives and works in Miami, Florida.

In France, he obtained the postgraduate degree DPLG - Diplômé par Le Gouvernement and began his artistic and architectural career exhibiting his works at the "Salon de Paris."

In 2009 he founded "Dibujo de Ciudad," an institution that offers the opportunity to understand and enjoy the most exciting and beautiful cities through drawing.