• The Abstract Language of Carolina Guillermet

    Before talking about the Swiss-Costa Rican artist Carolina Guillermet (1979)

    and her proposals in development, it seems appropriate to take a look at the universe
    of abstraction for a moment, a tendency that transformed the vision of the world
    through art. In the first place, I turn to Kathleen Hall, a student of this movement
    who, referring to the emergence of Abstract Art at the end of the 19th century and
    especially to the founding fathers of the movement, Wassily Kandinsky, Frantisek
    Kupka, Piet Mondrian and Kazimer Malevich, expresses that these artists felt
    themselves as the messengers of a metaphysical world and communicating this
    knowledge became the goal of their art. The language with which these artists
    translated their vision of that world was abstraction: "they were scribes who painted
    what could not be said with words”. 1

  • Alí Cordero

    The Challenge of Bringing Countries Together Through the Arts
    Alí Cordero Casal, chairman of VAEA 2018 Gala
    Alí Cordero Casal, chairman of VAEA 2018 Gala

    Meeting with this "dreamer" came true thanks to the advances of technology that allowed this nice conversation with a man that, from the distance, is closer than ever to his land and to promoting initiatives that may be unthinkable in contexts overwhelmed by crisis.