SoTA Collection provides curatorial expertise, comprehensive art resources, and outstanding services to clients seeking to develop high quality and uniquely bespoke art programs. Through a collaborative process, we engage our clientele to identify their aesthetic interests, programmatic goals, potential audiences, and budget parameters. With our 5+ years of art consulting experience we have the capability to serve our client's artistic need with the right artists.



State of the Art (SoTA) is commited to the promotion of arts and culture locally, nationally and internationally. Arts and culture democratization through transparency.



SoTA is a company committed to the promotion of Art for both cultural and business purposes.

Through its online platform, SoTA is the premier hub for artists to display their work for selling, and for the appreciation and enjoyment of Art in its entire manifestations.

SoTA stands unique in the competitive online market for these 5 aspects:

1) You enter into the personal world of the artist and his/her concepts through interviews, articles, web-links, publications, videos, and pictures.

2) You receive only the best selection of the artist’s work.

3) You learn Art trends through selection and dissection of the artist and the displayed pieces.

4) You are guaranteed an informed purchase through the relevant information displayed on the site.

5) You will confidently purchase artwork that gains value with time because every artist and his/her work undergo a process of critical examination.


SoTA is a space where ideas from the fields of the Culture and the Arts come together. We create an ongoing dialogue with thinkers, critics, artists, art dealers, gallery owners and individuals from every country on the Art tendencies.


SoTA establishes agreements with individuals, institutions, museums, art dealers, companies and galleries, to display and sell the works of local and international artists with a relevant discourse.


SoTA promotes a dialogue with other institutions, organizations and individuals in order to connect them and develope plans and programs in the field of the Arts and Culture.