Luis Mille Venezuelan, b. 1967

Mille’s work comprises a unique three-dimensional proposal conveying colorful visuals and voids. The artist defines his work as a phenomenology of space based on the conception of three-dimensionality as a dynamic condition through inflection, expansion and tension, where the exhibition space becomes the artwork.


Fragile elastic lines form a variety of visuals arranged in different orientations from floor to ceiling following a powerful and rigorous geometric order. Carved volumes are expanded while the elements separate from the body of the piece to intensify contrast among voids.

The most recent works of the artist tends to move away from flat support to develop new space dynamics where poetic intention flourishes in a subtle, passionate manner.

Luis Millé received his BFA in 1990 from the School of Visual Arts Cristóbal Rojas in Caracas, Venezuela and advanced training in Mobile Architecture at Universidad Central de Venezuela. In 2009, he was honored at the National Biennial of Sculpture in Nueva Esparta, Venezuela, by the Museo Nacional para la Escultura Francisco Narváez. In 2015, he received the National Prize Armando Reverón awarded by the Venezuelan Association of Fine Artists (AVAP). Most recently, he was honored by the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) Venezuela in 2017 for his recognized international presence. Exhibition venues across the globe include Galerie Denise René, Paris, France (2017); Galería GBG Arts, Caracas, Venezuela (2017); Featured Programing at LA Art Show, Los Angeles, USA (2017) and Art Palm Beach (2018); ARAM Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea (2014); Alejandro Otero Museum, Caracas, Venezuela (2013); Cultural Center Salvador de Bahía, Brazil (2008) and the Toyamura International Sculpture Biennial, Japan (2006, 2004). Upcoming shows include (add Milan and Caracas).