Carlos Medina Venezuelan, b. 1953

Carlos Medina (Venezuela, 1953) epands the nature of geometric abstraction in Latin America thanks to an unceasing artistic exploration in which multiple fields of knowledge and diachronic cultural times converge: his work revives and extends the philosophical and aesthetic legacy of distnat times and places us on a threshold of imaginary representation capable of reminding us that the mystery of matter, which dwells in iron or in stone and wood, also exits beyond the visible and traverses the world. His creation ay evoke the atmosphere  of Plato's Academy, which, according to legend, required knowledge of geometry upon admission but provided the ultimate understanding  that everyhtng visible is merely a shadow of the invisible. 



Venezuelan scupltor, graduated in Pure Art and Art History at the School of Plastic Arts of Caracas. Harvest successes from a youg age: at the age of 22 he held his first solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas. At the age of 25, the italian government gives him a scholarship to train in Carrara, Italy, staying for seven years and projecting his activity towards central Europe.